Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018

Have you ever noticed at the beginning of the year, not only do people set new goals and resolutions, but an old random color starts to surface everywhere you look and suddenly becomes so popular! And you’re looking around like “what’s so special about this color?” Why is it that “all of a sudden,” this old color that has been around for decades is so cool now. Well there’s this really cool place in New Jersey called the Pantone Color Institute. And twice a year the Pantone Institute hosts a secret meeting of representatives from various nation’s color standard groups in a European capital.  During this two day meeting, chosen representatives are allowed to present and then collectively everyone debates to choose a color for the following year! So, “what’s the color of the year this time,” you may ask?  I’m happy to share with you that Pantone announced “Ultra-Violet,” as the official color of 2018. And Yes!!! It’s just a fancy way of saying purple. While purple isn’t my favorite color, I am extremely excited about it and here is why.

Often times people associate purple as a bright hue used through history to represent political symbolism. But for me in biblical context, Mark 15:16-40, tells the story of how Roman soldiers clothed Jesus in purple linen before beating and crucifying Him; intending to mock Him as He was known as the King of Jews. Kings meaning “royalty;” and “purple” meaning royalty. Or another scripture reference in Proverbs 31:22 that speaks of the “virtuous woman,” that makes herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing silk and purple. Meaning she is a hard laborer and very skilled at what she does. Intriguingly, there was even another woman in the New Testament named Lydia, who was a seller of purple goods who also believed in God. And in Acts 16:14-19; it teaches us that God opened her heart and she began to pay attention to words that were spoken by Paul. But what does this have to do with Pantone’s color choice for 2018 you ask? Any why am I excited about it? It’s because when I wear purple it will be more than just a color of the year. It will be a color that reminds people and commands authority that speaks to others that I am a capable, intelligent and virtuous woman, that lives the overcoming life. Prosperity and abundance are the will of God for my life. I am spiritually focused, emotionally strong, and a woman of unquestionable character. So, for me it’s more than just a color to wear. It confirms to me that this will be my best year yet in every area of my life because He perfects all that concerns me!


Relentlessly Me