How we met (my version)

On Friday, May 10, 2013, I had the pleasure of sharing in two of my closest friends Greg & Kelley’s wedding as a bridesmaid. Not anticipating meeting anyone at the wedding, and assuming that I pretty much thought I knew all of Greg friends, there’s always hope, right? WRONG! Needless to say, some of our other friends and I began to have a great time at the reception dancing the night away without a care in the room. But towards the end of the night, when everyone was leaving and saying their goodbyes, I saw two tall guys by the dance floor hugging my friends (the bride and groom) goodbye. How I missed them throughout the entire reception, I don’t know, but I remember telling Ashley, “hey he’s handsome”, but kind of just left it at that!

Well two days later Kelley and Ashley came to my house and we decided to have a girl’s day before they both went back to the East Coast where they resided at the time. And as all women do, we began to have a recap about the wedding and all of the juicy details in between. I remember being in my room getting dressed and telling Kelley how I saw one guy that I thought was handsome at the reception, but that I didn’t even notice him until the end of the night. She asked me to describe him so I gave the best description that I could remember for the split second that I saw him. And she said, “Ooh you’re talking about David!” Of course, Kelley was like, “let me call Greg to see what’s the scoop,” and whether or not David was single. Surprisingly he was single and Greg told Kelley that David mentioned meeting a lot of people that night, but the only person’s name he remembered was ironically mine. At this point I was beyond confused. I assumed that maybe David confused my name with someone else because I knew for a fact that I didn’t meet him at the wedding. So, Kelley called Greg back to reconfirm and sure enough my name was still the name that David claimed he remembered and asked Greg to give his number to me!
 However, I never called because for one I’m not that aggressive and I would never call a guy first. And second, Greg never sent the number anyway. LOL! So, it made it that much easier! Now fast-forward two days, it’s now Tuesday, May 14, 2013. My mom is at my house and I convince her that she needs to watch SCANDAL because she’s never seen it and she would absolutely love it. So, we make it to like the second to last episode of season one when my phone rings. Now I normally don’t answer numbers that I do not recognize. But it was a DC number and I figured that it could have been Ashley calling from her house phone. But when I said hello, I heard a much deeper voice on the other end that definitely was not Ashley, but a guy name David. The phone call definitely caught me by surprise because I didn’t know he had my number (which I later found out that mutual friends of ours passed it along because Greg forgot too) and because most men in our dating range typically text and not call; especially in the beginning! But that was one of the many things that set David apart from any other guy. From that day forward we’ve spent countless hours on the phone and the plane; talking and seeing one another every chance we got. I can honestly say through the good, bad or indifferent, I’m humbled and blessed that I was able to marry my best friend and whom I truly believe God made just for me.


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  1. Your love story will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my big day as well as yours that your life was also forever changed! Love you two & pray for nothing more than a lifetime of happiness!

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