How we met (his version)

I’ve always loved writing but starting has always been the toughest part. So, now that that’s out of the way. The first time that Shelley caught my eye I wanted her to be special to me and I wanted to be special to her. The first time I saw her, Shelley was being her fun, silly, playful self. She was a bridesmaid in our friends wedding. I remember thinking that she was effortlessly stunning but possessed a modest inner beauty. I thought about what I’d say when I went to talk to her. I watched her the whole wedding and had my first words ready for the reception. 

The “right time” never came. So, I rethought my approach texted all my boys, asked my dad, racked my brain and still came up with nothing. I couldn’t find an answer from anyone, nobody knew what to do. I tried to tell myself that she wasn’t really that pretty, that she had to already have somebody, and that there was no point in even trying because she’s in Houston and I’m in Maryland. I could have just chalked it up as a loss but I couldn’t get her off my mind all night, and it was a strong feeling that wouldn’t go away. Those few hours of one unsolvable problem felt like years of turmoil. And of course I was being myself I woke up the next morning feeling a weird calm about things and overthinking things times a billion but that’s just what I do. So, the end of the night was upon us and it was time for a big move but I had nothing. So, I prayed. And believe me, I felt crazy praying about a woman that I’d never even talked to and who didn’t even know my name. I prayed a simple prayer that if it was supposed to be, it would be. I left that night and our eyes met just for a moment at the very end of the night, and that was it. If you know me you know that I was literally up all that night singing love songs. I prayed and I sang, I prayed and I sang, prayed and sang. That was the first time that I had absolutely nothing to say and I couldn’t shake the fact that I blew it. I didn’t actually talk to Shelley until four days after the wedding. That night was truly the night that my life changed. I had always been extremely reserved and calculated. I spoke to Jesus about things regarding Shelley and He responded in a way that opened up things for me and helped me to be so at peace with trusting in Him like I never had before. He has answered so clearly every step of the way in our relationship and I know that he made Shelley and I for each other. I tell people all the time that Genesis 2:18 is most definitely about me. As The Lord made Eve for Adam He also made Shelley for me. We have an amazing bond, it’s more than just like and love it’s an inexplicable supernatural thing. I’m so excited that I get to marry and spend eternity with the one person in all of His creations that he made specifically for me.









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  1. I love this! What a testimony of love! To trust & believe in God’s great works & endless possibilities is MIND BLOWING!

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