The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity! As an entrepreneur, the assumption is that “we” solve problems. And often times, it’s other people’s problems that we’re solving. But what about our own problems?! Why do we do what we do?

Recently, I had an opportunity to take an entrepreneur class to help the development of my business. One of the initial questions asked was “what is important to you about becoming a successful entrepreneur?” I immediately began to write down the popular norms like providing financial freedom for my family and creating generational wealth for my husband and my future children. And while those things and more are very valid reasons, I realized that those weren’t my true reasons why. And as bad as it may sound, the truth was, I honestly didn’t know why I chose this field and career path for myself. It’s definitely not what I chose as my primary major in college. I began thinking to myself “oh boy! What have I gotten myself in to.”He mentioned that we should take time to genuinely answer the questions asked and to be authentic in our answers no matter what they were. After completing this exercise, I truly discovered my why and what motivates me to be a successful entrepreneur.  You see it wasn’t just about living a debt free lifestyle or creating opportunities for other people just within my family. My why was my common denominator in everything I did! I just never took the time to identify it for myself. And it was so simple! My happiness was being able to help others and seeing them smile. I realized going through the “7 levels deep” exercise, that it didn’t matter to me where I was working. Whether it was in my time spent at the county hospital or in the human resources department in the oil and gas field, or starting my online fashion boutique…my fulfillment came from being able to help and interact with others. If I could provide patients with free healthcare by enrolling them into a patient assistance program because that’s the only option they could afford, then I was happy to take some of their stress away. Or if I was able to be a problem solver for employees by offering resolutions in the work place, answering questions about benefits (short term, long term, FMLA), or offering an environment where employees could trust me…I was happy. And even now being a full-time entrepreneur in the fashion industry; it’s more than just putting together looks to help someone match or be fashion forward. There’s a rewarding undefined gratitude that I get being able to give someone else confidence and making them feel good from within!

Now I know everyone may not be able to do this exercise with their current occupation. But, at least ask yourself…why do you do what you do? Or why do you want to do something else? We’ve all heard the famous quote “if you truly do what you love, then you will never truly work a day in your life.” And I know some of you may not be able to do what your heart truly desires full time right now. But I want you to at the very least challenge yourself in 2018 to find your why and your purpose and be fulfilled. Remember God’s promises in Psalms 37:4- Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. (KJV)


-Relentlessly Me-


P.S. check out the link to complete the “7 levels deep” exercise below!!!


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