About Me

Hi! I’m Shelley Harvey. Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog Relentlessly Me! I was born and raised in Houston, TX…That’s RIGHT…Home town of my bff Beyonce!!! LOL! I received my bachelor’s degree from Sam Houston State University (Eat em up kats); double majoring in Kinesiology and Business Management. Initially my intent was to obtain my doctorate in Physical Therapy. But after a summer internship at a PT clinic and having to ice “feet” I decided that this was NOT the field for me. Nevertheless, there are two things that have always given me fulfillment. And that’s my love for God and fashion. With that being said, I’ve chosen to invite you into my world and life experiences. Although, I won’t be able to relate to everyone, my prayer is that if I reach at least one person then my job is done. So, sit back and relax as I take you on this journey, trusting God totally unapologetically free being me.



Relentlessly Me